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Pat & Frank Fleming (shown below) are the authors and publishers of the“werememberblog.com” website.


Frank & Pat Fleming

Frank is a retired businessman who, with his  wife of 50+ years Pat, have put together this website and blog to share their “war stories” and memories of places and things that are no longer here and about their lives growing up in 1940s and 1950s.

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We Remember Circus Day

… as one of the biggest days of the year in our hometown. On the first or second Saturday in May, Hunt Brothers Circus came to town and gave two performances on the athletic field of one of the local junior high schools.

Hunt Brothers was a small tent show that traveled from town to town up and down the northeast in a small convoy of trucks and house trailers. It was a small show but a big deal to the kids in Norristown.

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Frank’s Father’s Birthday (Maybe?)


If he were alive, today we would be celebrating my father’s 116th (?) birthday. Perhaps December 12th was his birthday, but perhaps not since no one, including him, ever actually knew what date was really his birthday.

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A Little History re 12/8/1941

How Al Capone’s Car Became The Presidential Limo?

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A Trilogy Of Salutes To Our Vets…


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August 11, 2016

A Personal Note

Dear Friends,

Pat Fleming 7/12/36 - 6/11/16 RIP

Pat Fleming
7/12/36 – 6/11/16

As some of you are aware, on June 11th, 2016 I lost the love of my life, my wife of 56 years,  my writing partner and the co publisher of the “We Remember Blog”. I miss her terribly, but have some comfort in knowing that, at last, her suffering and pain are over. Pat, I love you with all my heart and hope that you are in a better place. (click here to read my notice of her passing)

Although we have published little if anything the year because of our back to back illnesses, Pat and I did spend a lot of quality time together. When we did, we often reminisced about growing up in the 40s and 50s and then spending our lives together in the subsequent years. Pat intended to help me record these memories on the “We Remember Blog”. But unfortunately, she left us before we completed that mission. However, in her honor, I plan to record as many of our shared memories as possible via this blog and website until such a time as I can rejoin her and start reminiscing with her personally once again.

Since Pat has been such a vital part of the “We Remember” team since day one and will always be my inspiration, I plan to keep the name of this website the “We Remember Blog” and continue to credit her as my co-author and co-publisher as long as it is published.

Thank all of you for your kind condolences over the past two months. I will always remember  the many expressions of sympathy and the prayers that all of you offered Pat and our family on her passing. We all loved her too and appreciate your many expressions of love and support.

Please stay tuned for our future posts. Pat will always have her hand guiding mine as  I continue writing and publishing the “We Remember Blog” in her honor.