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The “We Remember Blog” ( ) is published by  Pat and Frank FlemingFrank is also known as “The Crusty Conservative” and sporadically publishes a separate political website and blog using that pseudonym. That is us in the picture relaxing on Maui in 2010 while celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.

Pat & Frank Fleming

Pat & Frank Fleming

For the record,Frank currently resides in Southern California about 12 miles inland from Malibu. Pat, who passed away on June 11th, 2016 (click here to read the notice of her passing), had been retired since the mid 1990s and enjoyed reading and gardening. Although Frank has been semi-retired since 1999, he tries to stay active with a small, business consulting practice and by writing about a Crusty Conservative’s life in a very liberal world and in this blog about growing up in a different time and in a different place.

Pat and Frank have three grown children and 5 grandchildren. The grand kids are the genesis and the motivation for this blog. Frequently, when we were with the grandchildren, one of us would mention something from our past and get a blank stare or a question in return. Also, Frank, and to a lesser extent Pat, liked to tell the grand kids “war stories” prefaced with “when I was your age” or “when I was growing up”.

Over the years, our kids, the grand kids, and others have suggested that we write a book outlining our memories and sharing some of our “war stories” about growing up in the 1940s and 1950s. Unfortunately, doing so would be an impossible and never-ending task. Every time that we would think that the book was about finished – someone would think of something to add. Consequently, the book would never be completed – at least in our lifetime.

Additionally, if we were going to record our memories, we would liked to have a mechanism available that would allow other people to sharpen and expand on our recollections by adding memories of their own and telling their war stories along side of ours.

The We Remember Blog hopefully allowed us to do all of the above in an interactive and fun manner. Although for context, we will have to bore our readers with a little background info (found in the various appendices to the site) about who we are, where we grew up and about our families, this blog is not intended to be an autobiography. Rather, it is a simple compilation of war stories from another era and a look at things that we still remember from growing up in the 1940s and 1950s – things, places, experiences  and people who are no longer here or at least no longer easily remembered.

Hopefully, as these blogs are published, our younger readers will be moved to ask questions about those memories and our older readers will be moved to refresh our memories, add their own memories and share stories about the life and times in which they grew up.

Whatever your age, please contribute and make the “We Remember Blog” a piece of living history by commenting below or contacting us at

Pat & Frank Fleming

August 2014 Revised August 2016


List of appendices

Appendix 1- What is the “We Remember Blog”?

Appendix 2 – About the Authors

Appendix 3 – Our Hometown

Appendix 4 – Frank’s Family

Appendix 5 – Pat’s Family

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Please Note,    This Appendix is provided for  reference. only . 

Although this website and future blogs are not intended to be an autobiography, a little information on the authors, their  families and their backgrounds is necessary to provide context and continuity to future posts. Hopefully when people or places are mentioned in future posts, the authors can simply link a name to a full reference in one of the background appendix regarding that person or place rather than boring the readers of future posts with repetitive information.



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