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  1. Our friend BBB from Atlanta commented on this post via email. His comments follow:

    FRANK..An interesting Post. having been raised in the country, 3 miles from nearest neighbor ,5 miles from small settlement and 15 miles from a town…i never experienced what you did…

    Once I began middle school in the town/city I was exposed to many of the environments you so eloquently describe…Also being raised near an Air Force Base we were merged with a large concoction of American and foreign kids from all around the globe and nation…Several of my best buddies were sons of a General from El Salvador training with our USAAF [base].

    The town [of] Riverside , had no real industry…Citrus groves and packing plants, large number of employees for March AFB ,Norton AFB and Food Machinery ( Joe Hunter owner) which built the Amfibs for WW II landings on the Islands in the Pacific..Later Bourns ( Marlen Bourns owner) became the largest employer along with Rohr Industries…Later Riverside became a commuter city for its’ inexpensive housing an easy travel to the coast (Orange,Anaheim,Santa Ana and the LA. basin) all being short drives.

    I suspect few cities in Western USA were not as well established before WW II and were more of a hodge podge of people all looking for their utopia in California? However their are numerous examples of areas segregated by ethnic origin and in some cases driven by language barriers…

    I never experienced people of color or Hispanic until middle school and High School…
    It is fascinating to look back and see how we were influenced by the environment in which we were raised…


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