We all find ourselves occasionally asking rhetorical questions like…  “Why is that?”, Why does that happen?”, “Why…?”, etc., etc., etc. when we know full well that there is no real answer, no easy answer, or no answer that we could understand. Often times we ask why  but really don’ t care what the answer (if there is one) to our question is.

Many years ago Pat and I were talking about all of the unanswerable questions beginning with “WHY” that we ask every day, and Pat suggested that we record all of these unanswered “WHY”  questions and publish them in the form of a “Book Of Why?” Well, unfortunately, that was another one of our many unfinished projects. However, over the years we continued  to frequently end a question by saying that is one for “The Book Of Why?”.

When I found myself asking a “WHY” question yesterday, I decided that going forward as I ask these questions or remember an old “WHY” question that I would complete Pat’s “Book Of Why? project by posting  them on our “We Remember” blog. 

Entries In The “Book Of Why ??”

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Based on the shared recollections of Pat & Frank Fleming and posted by Frank Fleming

In Loving Memory Of

Pat Fleming

1936 – 2016