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Tomorrow Is The 71st Anniversary Of VJ Day — 4 Comments

  1. Our good friend Mark Winfrey of Orlando, FL posted the following via Facebook:

    “Thanks Frank Fleming! My Dad is 91 and was in the Big one, I love hearing his stories. He was in the AF. One of my favorites is him having to man the lower turret in a B-17. My Dad is 6’6 220 lbs. They had to pull him out he was so cramped.”

    • Mark,

      Please wish your father the Best Of Everything a
      from one Air Force Vet (1959 – 162) to another and thank him for serving.

      Putting a 6’6″ guy in the belly turret of a B-17 is just another example of “Military Intelligence”

  2. Our friend & USMC veteran Bill Belz of Dallas, Texas commented as follows via Facebook

    “My dad would have been 100 years old on August 5th. He fought an engagement against Russian solders in Pilsen, Czechoslovia in May 1945 because Patton was trying to pick a fight against the Soviet Union. He ended in heading for the invasion of Japan but ended in the occupation of the Japan. Didn’t make it home until Dec. 1946.

    • Bill, Thank God for guys like your Dad! And Thank God that we dropped the A Bombs that forced the Japs’ to surrender. If we had to invade Japan,it is estimated that we would have suffered well over a million casualties. Fortunately your Dad got to come home, albeit over a year later.

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