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  1. NOTE: The following comments in response to the We Remember post on service stations was sent to Pat & Frank via email from their good friend BBB from Atlanta. Unfortunately this message was misplaced until this time. Sorry BBB.

    From: bbb
    Sent: ‎Tuesday‎, ‎April‎ ‎14‎, ‎2015 ‎12‎:‎31‎ ‎PM
    To: Pat & Frank Fleming

    Oh Yes! I surely well remember the Service Stations!

    My first real regular part time job was at a Chevron station….went on to be the night manager (10 PM -6 AM ) haha I was the only one on duty…It did give me great chance to meet many regulars and to become friends with many City and Highway Patrol officers since we had contract to serve the CHP gas needs and always had free coffee for them.. Later those contacts saved me several traffic citations for a variety of indiscretions related to speed contests…

    The front island as it was called was a major source for the work garnered for the bays …Always had two men serving a car and a ritual of the front man washing the windshield, checking wiper blades, front tire pressure while looking for excess or unusual wear requiring new tires ,rotation or balancing or alignment ,under the hood ,check oil, battery fluid, and cables,fan belts and any excess oil seepage ….the man filling tank did the rear window and checked rear tire pressure If time allowed all side windows were washed also….The close scrutiny generated profitable sales and work in the bays which made the true money for the owner…And we even gave S&H Green stamps..on special days they may be 2 or 3 times the combined gas value, it all depended on what the competitive stations up and down the street were giving away.

    A wonderful experience of learning salesmanship, reliability and the value of superior product knowledge and service with a smile! Many very loyal customers were made and always one of the top 2-3 stations in the city for gallons pumped each month… Those lessons learned served me well throughout my sales marketing career …

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